In 2011 when Alex and Chris started this brewery they aimed to brew top quality beers full of character and flavour, to be sampled and enjoyed by all. 

As an independent craft London brewery we realise we have a responsibility to continue a long tradition of great beer brewed in London and the UK whilst being innovative and embracing new styles.

Keep it Real

Honesty, Transparency, Clear & Concise. 4 approaches that will always bring out our true quality

Beer is the Winner

Beer, it offers us so much and asks so little. In return we want to champion it, in all its wonderful forms


We don’t standstill. We are always growing, improving & developing everything we do, with constant progression in our brewing practices, methods, processes and beer development.

Brew The Best

With our true love and passion for beer, we make sure that everything we produce is the best quality it can possibly be

Built and brewed by our own two Horns

As an independent company we foster our own in house talent. Using these skills, we take pride in retaining control of all aspects of our brewery from recipe creation, brewing, packaging and design. 

Beer Geeks

Everyone who has joined us since our creation has a very keen enthusiasm for beer / borderline ‘beer geeks’. We like to channel this into our company to create who we are today and will be tomorrow