Hop, Hop and Away

We at By The Horns like to brew beer with character, behind every beer we brew is a story to be told. Recently we were informed by a local historian about a man who used to live on the site we currently brew. With these stories and in the wake of the anniversary of the battle of the Somme, we felt compelled to brew a beer in their honour.

Geoff Simmons runs a Heritage Lottery funded project telling the story of a community in London SW17 through the 182 names on the WW1 memorial in St Mary’s Church, Summerstown. One of the 182 was named Thomas Charles Milton part of Royal Air Force ‘2nd Kite Balloon Section’ or ‘Balloonatics’ who went up in these dangerous observation devices, which were known as ‘sausages’. Part of the team of 48 highly-trained men who maintained and controlled each balloon. Tethered to the ground by a cable from which it was manoeuvred, the balloons were powered by highly flammable hydrogen gas. They were easy targets for enemy planes and very prone to spiral out of control and come crashing to the ground in a murderous explosion.

Hop Air Balloon is a light and sessionable IPA which can be enjoyed whiling away the day staring up at the clouds and thinking about Thomas, the men of Summerstown and the brave jobs they did for us so we could enjoy our freedoms today.

The beer is available on cask this Friday! Hop, Hop and Away


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